Radio Host And Comedian Osama Bin Drankin Wearing Tradition

Osama Bin Drankin wearing a denim hbcu jacket

If you attend or graduated from NC A&T, you might know who Osama Bin Drankin is. Gerard Rankin Sr. uses this stage name for his popular comedy shows with his crew, The Freestyle Funny Comedy Show. He's been doing comedy since 2001 when he was an undergraduate student a NC A&T. He's also a radio host on 102 JAMZ, a station in Greensboro North Carolina. While he's an avid supporter of the HBCU community, Drankin has a natural affinity for the Aggies. A quick look at his social media will confirm his passion for NC A&T, spreading the word about the school whenever and wherever he can. Drankin has often been seen repping our Aggie gear in his comedy shows, at games, and other public events.

One item Drankin frequently wears that has garnered tons of attention is his Aggie denim jacket. With a logo on the upper left of the front, this jacket is the definition of custom, and you can own it! The metal buttons are branded with the Tradition logo and even the back of the jacket has a Tradition patch. The center of the back of the jacket features a large felt design of the phrase "Aggie Pride" that pulls the look of it together nicely. You can find this jacket and other HBCU denim on the website.

Drankin has also featured the 5 Panel Mesh Campus Cap on his social media. In a simple show of the hat, the mesh panels and details are visible in the photo. Like Drankin, you can cop this hat to wear anywhere. While he has the black cap, it also comes in blue. Each features a raised embroidered Tradition pennant logo on the front. Simple, yet super stylish and clean. If it's good enough for Drankin to rock, then we guarantee you'll love it! You can also find our regular 5 Panel Caps in our Accessories section.

He also showcased the detail put into the NC A&T GOAT shorts in a recent post. Showing all appliqué and embroidery work on the shorts, Drankin calls attention to every detail including the hang tag. The GOAT shorts are inspired by the old school NBA uniform with a length just above the knee. With a back pocket and long drawstrings, the look and fit of these shorts is what makes them so popular. Drankin knows what's up!

The significance of Osama Bin Drankin wearing our apparel extends farther than the hype it produces. By wearing Tradition, he is doing two things: supporting HBCUs and black-owned business. We are so honored when anyone chooses Tradition, and even more so when a figure in the public eye does too. This helps put our brand and the HBCUs we feature up higher and farther to broader audiences. Exposure is everything when working to grow the HBCU student population, and Drankin is contributing to that with his support. Whether it's game day or Homecoming hype, the excitement and passion he has for NC A&T will naturally draw others to look into, contribute, and maybe even attend the school. Together, we can raise up the HBCU community.