In The Press

In an apparel showcase with Let's Talk Live on ABC7, founder Gerard Murray talks the Tradition brand while various models sport items from our line of collegiate lifestyle wear. The Sportsman Varsity jacket, the Malia Sweater, the Kyle Sweater, and the women's tunic are all featured in this televised segment, providing us with an amazing opportunity for exposure in a wide viewership. These looks transcend showcases like this and organically end up on the social feeds of athletes, celebrities, and musicians. Tradition has been name-dropped more frequently by these stars in their Instagram feeds and in the press.

A number of athletes have either been photographed wearing Tradition or spreading the word about us themselves. Among them, the GOAT shorts have been a major hit, drawing enormous popularity from NBA and NFL players. Chris Paul has been a strong advocate for us in the past few months, repping our NC A&T GOAT basketball shorts as well as the Southern University Overton Crew. Pittsburgh Steelers FB Rosie Nix has also caught on to our shorts, choosing the Southern U pair. Another NFL star, Cam Newton, has garnered attention recently for his loud and unique outfit choices. He copped two pairs of our GOAT shorts—the Howard Bison and the Clark Atlanta Panthers options. He styled them both with open-buttoned Polo dress shirts and bandanas. In one IG post, Tarik Cohen of the Chicago Bears is all smiles in his alma mater NC A&T GOAT shorts and a white tee—the perfect clean fit. NC State alum TJ Warren, now a member of the Phoenix Suns, was spotted wearing the Howard University shorts on his way in to a game. The style and quality of these shorts are undeniable, as shown by the real GOATS of the game.

Dozens of celebrity personalities and renowned musicians have also linked up with the Tradition lifestyle. Two very well known Aggie alums, Osama Bin Drankin and Darren Brand, are heavyweight NC A&T advocates that always show up with the laughs and some form of HBCU pride. These guys always show Tradition love by wearing apparel like our coveted GOAT basketball shorts and even our extra stylish denim jacket. In fact, Darren Brand has been featured on own IG numerous times! Similar to them, everyone knows who Nick Cannon is, so it was an honor for us to meet him and have him cop a pair of the Howard GOAT shorts. As a powerhouse in the African American community, Cannon supporting us on his personal feed gives us serious exposure to over 3 million people! The Durham, North Carolina born hip-hop producer 9th Wonder has also repped Tradition in the form of our NCCU Basic Motto Crew. 9th is known for producing some of the biggest names to date, like Erykah Badu, J. Cole, Drake, Jay-Z, Anderson .Paak, Lecrae, and Destiny's Child.

One thing is for certain and that's the fact that Tradition's reach is nationwide. In professional sports, pop culture, and chart-topping music, our message has spread like wildfire from our grassroots efforts and the support of these famous folks. It means everything, especially when we don't send our apparel out to celebrities for promos. Just like you, they hear about us and believe in what we're doing. So, every time you see an NFL or NBA player in our shorts or an artist in one of our crewnecks, know that they believe in the same goals as we all do here—to support and raise up HBCUs. With Tradition getting more involved in communities and HBCU campuses, our reach is only beginning! To stay in the know with everything we're up to and announcements for new drops, follow us on Instagram @traditioneversince.