Bow Wow Reps the GOAT Shorts

 bow wow wearing the basketball shorts

The GOAT shorts have amassed popularity from all kinds of people nationwide, from current HBCU students to professional basketball players. Recently, our friend Bow Wow showed us some love on Instagram repping these HBCU shorts.

His first post features Bow Wow posing in the Howard Bison GOAT shorts in what looks to be his living room. The post's caption offers a positive note going into the new year, with the rapper looking forward to ignoring negativity and continuing on with a new mindset. Bow Wow also copped a pair of the Virginia State University basketball shorts and showed them off in another post where he touches on the struggles of being positive in the face of negativity. We love that he pairs Tradition with words of wisdom; staying dedicated and positive in the face of adversity. With such a large following, Bow Wow choosing Tradition is a big deal and something to get excited about! With over three million followers, his choices matter to his audience. What may seem like a simple apparel choice is actually much more complex.

Exposure is crucial for HBCUs to keep new students enrolling, which makes Bow Wow's choice to support Tradition so special. Repping the GOAT shorts with HU and VSU boldly showcased helps put Tradition on the map and sparks curiosity for those who aren't familiar with these institutions. In a nation where PWIs reign over HBCUs, celebrity exposure like this speaks loudly. Even if it may not seem so, choosing Tradition says that you support HBCUS as well as black-owned business. These photos may have guided a follower to HU or VSU's website, and with any luck, they decided to apply. Or, maybe a few Bison or Trojans follow Bow Wow and didn't know about Tradition. By scooping up a few pieces from us, a portion of the proceeds from their purchase go back to their school. Thank you for your love and support, Bow Wow!

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