Basketball Star Chris Paul Wearing Tradition

chris paul wearing GOAT shorts

If anyone in professional sports knows and supports HBCUs, it's Chris Paul. Although he didn't attend an HBCU—Wake Forest University is his alma mater—he has shown his support and admiration of them recently. In April 2019, Winston-Salem State University announced that Paul's Family Foundation donated $50,000 to their Team 250 challenge to help pay for student scholarships and uniforms. Throughout the past season, he frequently wore HBCU apparel which created a buzz in the sports world. Paul chose Tradition's HBCU apparel to represent these illustrious schools, placing a spotlight on them in the best way.

Chris Paul was spotted repping our infamous GOAT shorts. He chose the NC A&T shorts, asking "Who has Aggie Pride? #HBCUlove" in his caption. These old school NBA-inspired shorts have an above the knee fit and a zippered back pocket. The attention to detail in these shorts is noticeably eye-catching. From the Aggie mascot on each side of the legs to 'NC A&T' showcased across the front of the shorts, the appliqué and embroidery work on the GOAT shorts is undeniable. They can be worn during the summer months and even cooler ones when paired with tights like Paul wore them.

For a special promotion for the NCCU Eagles and NC A&T Aggies last year, we produced a small batch of exclusive NCCU shawls. Chris Paul copped the shawl and totally killed it. Pairing it with a simple black cap, the shawl provided a sophisticated appeal that he kept casual with the hat. You can wear our shawls anywhere you go since they're the perfect ratio of comfortable and elegant. The shawl features a faux leather button and the felt design across the chest is made by way of faux appliqué.

In another show of HBCU and Tradition love, Paul was photographed with our Southern University Overton crew neck on before a game. He accented it with a few chains and a watch, which is perfect for this crew. These are designed to look good with whatever style you've got, with two-tone stripes down each arm and the HBCU name across the chest. Though Paul has the grey Southern University crew, it's also available in black.

Wearing the Prairie View A&M Braxton sweater, Paul saluted HBCUs once again before game time last season. He wore khakis and a clean pair of purple and white Nikes with the sweater, making for a super dope look. These cotton sweaters feature vintage faux leather buttons and two front pockets. With a folded collar, the Braxton sweater is made to go anywhere, even NBA games. Get that Chris Paul drip with any one of our Braxton sweaters.

What makes Chis Paul wearing HBCU gear so special is that he has done it on his own accord. Coming from a family of HBCU alumni, Paul chose to honor a number of different HBCUs this past season to bring attention to them. As a heavily photographed and discussed player, millions have seen his pre-game outfits. By calling out schools like NC A&T and Southern University, it helps to make those institutions stand out a little more, maybe even prompting viewers to research them. While many often wear designer names like Gucci and Virgil Abloh, Paul deliberately repped HBCU apparel. Since professional players are practically walking billboards, it's a significant move he made and one we appreciate here at Tradition.