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Yes, We Should Buy $90 HBCU Basketball Shorts...

Yes, We Should Buy $90 HBCU Basketball Shorts...

Campuses all over the country are buzzing about the new G.O.A.T. Basketball Shorts at Tradition Ever Since. While some consumers say the price-point is beyond their comfort zone, there are those who see both the value and the purpose in the mission of Tradition. The discourse begs a simple question: should you pay $90 for HBCU basketball shorts? Of course, HBCU Digest says yes, and we agree.

Read more about the conversation over athletic shorts that has the collegiate world in a frenzy.

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  • Carol Murray
Comments 3
  • Rodney P
    Rodney P

    When will your establishment make Tennessee State University goat shirts and t-shirts

  • Travis Smith
    Travis Smith

    Would love for you to get some of these basketball shorts for Alabama State Univeristy. I would even help you sell them.

  • DuWarn Porter
    DuWarn Porter

    Sure as long as the money goes to my HBCU i would by them

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