Spike Lee's "School Daze" with AJCs Ernie Suggs: What an Interview!!

It was a great day on set for Ernie Suggs as he interviewed Spike Lee on the 30th anniversary of the movie "School Daze." As stated by Ernie "seeing Spike Lee's "School Daze" at The Fox Theatre with 5,000 fans wearing #HBCU sweaters and/or Greek Letters, doing "Da Butt" in the aisle, saluting Ossie Davis and Phylis Hyman, booing Big Brother Almights, and recting the dialogue to the movie was amazing and an example of what it means to be black."

Check out his FB Live interview: "Spike Lee and how School Daze made HBCUs matter"

https://t.co/A7uwjEr4tB https://t.co/D8PVDDSR2Z

Thanks Ernie for representing the NCCU EAGLES in style with the TRADITION Overton Hoodie

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