Importance of an HBCU Kid's Line

Importance of an HBCU Kid's Line

Kid's clothing is a fun vein of apparel to design, from determining what types of garments to produce to what they'll look like. They're often cute and vibrant, speaking to your child's personality. Some children's apparel lines go beyond the purpose of cuteness. Collegiate clothing possesses another meaning—pride. You'll, of course, see kids repping their favorite professional sports teams' t-shirts, but when they're wearing a specific college's apparel, they likely know someone who goes or went there. This sense of pride is especially important for HBCUs, as they do not get the recognition and support of larger NCAA schools. An HBCU kid's line is crucial to continuing the educational legacy in our future generations.

Perhaps you're an HBCU graduate who hopes your children will go on to HBCUs when the time comes. It's often said that talking to your kids about college early on will set them up for success in the future. You might be wondering, "How do clothes factor into this?" HBCU apparel allows a dialogue to be opened up. Naturally, your child will ask about what their shirt or dress' logo means unless you've brought them along to the campus bookstore. Either way, this provides the opportunity to discuss what college is and why it's so important for their future. They'll soon be able to see their HBCU garments as something to be excited about, and as they grow older, that sense of HBCU pride will grow too. The awareness of HBCUs will make them your child's main choices for school options, not second options. From this, HBCUs will be able to live on, educating our young black men and women to become the best and brightest.

Our HBCU children's apparel features a number of outerwear, dresses, shirts, and even onesies that will totally connect your family in HBCU excellence. This line was designed to evoke the spirit and uniqueness of HBCUs. So, when you give your child an NCCU polo or dress, explain to them what an important and necessary piece to society that school and all others like it are. With styles that will look great in almost any place—school, church, sporting events—these apparel options will have your child feeling excited about wearing this HBCU gear. Who knows, maybe an HBCU trend will start among your child's friends—more exposure means more potential students! Plus, every time you shop with Tradition, a portion of the proceeds go back to the schools you've supported.

At Tradition, we believe in building legacies that motivate and empower. The HBCU kid's apparel line will help your child kickstart theirs.

If you have questions about our HBCU kid's apparel or want to see your HBCU in these offerings, please contact us.

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  • Carol Murray
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  • Shawnee Haney
    Shawnee Haney

    I would love to see more kids HBCU clothing for NCA&T. I have found their is a void in the age 6-12 market besides tshirts. My 9 year old like me has a collection of A&T gear but mostly tshirts. I’d love for him to have like a sweatsuit, heavier jacket etc.

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