Spring College Accessory Must-Haves

Spring College Accessory Must-Haves 0

As Spring ensues, you'll need the accessories to get your outfit looking right. Whether you're off on a weekend trip or hanging out with friends on campus, these spring college accessories will take your look to the next level, no matter what you're wearing!

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Spring College Clothing Trends

Spring College Clothing Trends 0

Spring will be here before you know it, meaning you've got to have the looks that will be on-trend for the season. With Tradition, you can't go wrong, since our officially licensed HBCU apparel is always in style. However, some items are better suited for that midground weather, being not too cold or hot. Here are our picks for spring outfits that are fresh, comfortable, and on point.

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Clothing Essentials for College Women

Clothing Essentials for College Women 0

Whether or not you're new to the college lifestyle, there are always a few items that every college woman needs to get through the semester comfortably and in style. We've got the perfect HBCU apparel to add to your go-to clothes on the days you're headed to the library, out to brunch, or off to the gym. Here are our top clothing essentials for college women.

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HBCU Travel Essentials

HBCU Travel Essentials 0

Packing to travel can make you feel like you've either brought too much or not enough! While driving may not force you to restrict the amount you bring, a plane trip will (unless you're cool with extra baggage fees). We can hook you up with the absolute HBCU best travel essentials that will keep you looking fresh and feeling comfortable in whatever climate you're traveling to. Our HBCU apparel is the best way to rep your school for everyone to see and maybe even ask you about.

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Class of 2022...It's Decision Time!!!

Class of 2022...It's Decision Time!!! 0

May 1st marks the official deadline for Decision Day and Tradition is here to celebrate with the Class of 2022!  Where are you Takin Your Talents this fall? Shopping for your favorite college tees couldn't be any easier than visiting us at

Wishing all of our Graduating Students a Big CONGRATULATIONS  as they make their decision on this next important milestone.


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Vice Sports Presents: The Best Marching Bands on the Planet

Vice Sports Presents: The Best Marching Bands on the Planet 0

At the Louisiana rivalry known as "The Black Superbowl," gametime is at the half. A Big Shout to #WorldFamedGramblingStateMarchingBand for allowing TRADITION to re-create their band uniforms for the Battle of the Bands performance. 

See the re-imagined uniforms in 

Vice Sports Presents: The Best Marching Bands on the Planet below...

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