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We strive to empower change by creating modern yet timeless college apparel. We are committed to productive and meaningful partnerships by supporting our schools and our customers while growing our business. Highlighting  the rich and unique history of each college is part of our fabric.


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TRADITION is where evolution meets continuity, and we build substance, history, and authenticity into every garment we make. From men’s cardigans and women's fleece tops to preppy varsity jackets and more, the common thread is heritage. We strive to awaken and strengthen a sense of pride by carefully designing tailor-made apparel that evokes the richness and uniqueness of each college's history.

With every Tradition® sale, a portion of the proceeds specifically benefits the College or University through our Licensing Agreements. Beyond that, TRADITION partners directly with the students and alumni of these institutions to develop collaborations toward the growth of scholarship opportunities. Our apparel is designed with the legacy of institutions of higher learning in mind while embracing the innovative possibilities of the future. We cannot and will not be conformed to the norm.


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Tradition Ever Since HBCU Apparel - Your Collegiate Lifestyle Brand!

When you choose the right college to further your education and propel you closer to your goals, it is a decision that impacts your entire future. The choice to attend a historically black college or university is one steeped in legacy and pride. We are here to proudly play a part in your story with our inventory of HBCU apparel for the best and the brightest! Show your school pride and your sense of style with our selection of collegiate clothing featuring a wide range of colleges. Best of all, the clothing we feature is officially licensed collegiate apparel, so you never have to worry about knockoffs bringing down your style standards. Made with officially licensed logos and mascots, the images and colors depicted on these stylish selections are always sure to please while representing your school with pride. From basketball shorts and leggings to sweaters and hoodies, we have a little bit of everything to get you through the school year in style and comfort. While these choices are great for students, we understand school traditions run deep and last a lifetime. Our inventory is geared towards students, alumni, parents, and other supporters of these distinguished institutions so everyone can show off their school spirit in style!

Here at Tradition Ever Since, we are more than a dealer of your favorite college gear. As the leading collegiate lifestyle brand, we are committed to better serving the educational experience of the future’s best and brightest. Our officially licensed merchandise is sold in partnership with the colleges we represent, and a portion of the profits are returned to the university to further their success. We also work closely with universities to develop and support scholarship opportunities because we are more than just the top collegiate lifestyle brand. When you shop with us, you are doing more than just buying great gear for your college experience. You are helping to create a legacy for years to come.

We are committed to customer service with every transaction. If you have any questions while shopping with us, please contact us today. We are always happy to assist you in any way.


Tay Keith

Tay Keith

If you know hip-hop, then you're already well aware of the up and coming hit producer Tay Keith. He's swiftly risen as a beloved DJ, procuring hits for the likes of BlocBoy JB, Eminem, Drake, and Travis Scott. At only 22, Keith has already made a name for himself in the music industry. However, he's done something else, too—graduated from Middle Tennessee State University.

Importance of an HBCU Kid's Line

Importance of an HBCU Kid's Line

Kid's clothing is a fun vein of apparel to design, from determining what types of garments to produce to what they'll look like. They're often cute and vibrant, speaking to your child's personality. Some children's apparel lines go beyond the purpose of cuteness. Collegiate clothing possesses another meaning—pride. You'll, of course, see kids repping their favorite professional sports teams' t-shirts, but when they're wearing a specific college's apparel, they likely know someone who goes or went there. This sense of pride is especially important for HBCUs, as they do not get the recognition and support of larger NCAA schools. An HBCU kid's line is crucial to continuing the educational legacy in our future generations.

Yes, We Should Buy $90 HBCU Basketball Shorts...

Yes, We Should Buy $90 HBCU Basketball Shorts...

Campuses all over the country are buzzing about the new G.O.A.T. Basketball Shorts at Tradition Ever Since. While some consumers say the price-point is beyond their comfort zone, there are those who see both the value and the purpose in the mission of Tradition. The discourse begs a simple question: should you pay $90 for HBCU basketball shorts? Of course, HBCU Digest says yes, and we agree.

Read more about the conversation over athletic shorts that has the collegiate world in a frenzy.

Class of 2022...It's Decision Time!!!

Class of 2022...It's Decision Time!!!

May 1st marks the official deadline for Decision Day and Tradition is here to celebrate with the Class of 2022!  Where are you Takin Your Talents this fall? Shopping for your favorite college tees couldn't be any easier than visiting us at

Wishing all of our Graduating Students a Big CONGRATULATIONS  as they make their decision on this next important milestone.


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